By Marita Moaje

(PNA file photo)

MANILA – The Republic of South Korea is looking for 100 Filipino caregivers, according to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW).

The DMW, in an advisory issued on Friday, said the deployment will be done through its Employment Permit System (EPS) pilot project between the Philippines and the Republic of South Korea. 

“The project aims to expand bilateral labor ties between the Philippines and Korea and assess the feasibility of a larger caregiver deployment plan between the two countries,” the advisory read.

Under the pilot project, 100 Filipino caregivers will be recruited, screened, and employed to provide caregiving assistance to eligible Korean households with infants or young children, pregnant women, single parents, or working couples.

According to the DMW’s Pre-Employment and Government Placement Bureau, prospective applicants must be between 24 to 38 years old and with a valid Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, or TESDA NC II Caregiving Certificate.

Applicants found to have criminal and drug records, a record of deportation from Korea and travel restrictions from the Philippines, color blind, or those who have stayed for more than five years in Korea with an E-9 (non-professional) or E-10 (maritime crew) visa will be disqualified.

Selected caregivers shall mainly assist children, including infants, and pregnant women, and assist in carrying out daily activities such as cleaning, laundry, and kitchen work related to caregiving, and other duties necessary to her function as caregiver.

The DMW and the Ministry of Employment and Labor-Human Resource Development Service of Korea (MOEL-HRDK) will undertake the recruitment and hiring procedure.

Applicants need to pass two rounds of screening which will be composed of Korean Language proficiency test, medical and psychological health examination, English screening interview and physical test.

“The caregivers will be directly under the employ of certified agencies which are accredited by the MOEL under strict standards, and which will ensure equal treatment from their employers under labor standards and protection of human rights,” the advisory said. 

For further details, interested applicants may visit the PEGPB Facebook page at, or contact +63 2 87221146  and +63 2 87221181.

Registration will be from May 9-10, 2024.  (PNA)