By Edwin Fernandez

PEACE. Warring Moro families in Buldon, Maguindanao del Norte, swear before the Qur’an that they will no longer use violence in settling misunderstandings. The peace settlement was brokered on Thursday (May 23, 2024) by Buldon Mayor Pahmia Manalao-Masurong and Vice Mayor Abolais Manalao. (Photo courtesy of Buldon LGU)

COTABATO CITY – After over a month of mediation through an emissary, four families agreed to settle their “rido” (family feud), ending over five years of sporadic skirmishes in Buldon, Maguindanao del Norte.

“We are glad the patriarchs of warring families agreed to settle their misunderstanding peacefully. This is unprecedented since previous efforts for amicable settlement have failed,” Buldon Mayor Pahmia Manalao-Masurong said in a statement on Friday.

On Thursday, the mayor, members of the municipal council and Ministry of Public Order and Safety, police, and Philippine Marines collaborated to bring the warring families together.

Involved in the long-standing family feud were the Naser Bada family against the Sanggacala Macaraub family, as well as another rido involving Abdul Azis Nonggo’s family against Johaira Balingan Baraocor’s family.

“Hopefully, there will be no more skirmishes and fighting,” Masurong said. (PNA)