“THE importance of keratin is due to the fact that it helps protect our skin, hair and nails. When Keratin Hair Treatment is added… it can help protect against possible damage and repair already damaged portions. 95% of our hair is made up of keratin and when we use different products for straightening, coloring and blow drying; a lot of it is lost…Keratin Hair Treatment products simply…make your hair softer and shinier.”

  • Keratin Hair Treatment Guide

Celebrity stylist Marlou Colina with Pops Fernandez

All this month.  Stop by any of the Marlou Colina Salon’s and experience the Keratin Difference. From $249 only, this Keratin treatment includes Marlou Colina’s Signature Cut-N-Style (normally up to $500) for a guaranteed shinier, smoother, bouncier and healthier hair – immediately!

Ladies, I know that you have been wondering what the REAL Secret to a fabulous, sexy, celebrity hair is. Living here in Los Angeles, we see celebrities everywhere: at the mall, on the beach, and here in my salons from time-to-time.

What’s their secret to success when it comes to always- looking natural and healthy? It’s Keratin.

There, I’ve said it. Now, I feel like I’m free!

Understand, that until recently, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment has been set-aside for special consumers only and not widely used and has not been made available to the public. It was used almost exclusively by celebrities and the wealthy who would travel to Brazil and have the treatment performed  on them – amongst other beauty enhancements.

For the kinky, curly haired tropical type to the straightest, sleekest ultra-Asian blend, the Marlou Colina Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is the perfect solution for you. Marlou’s Special Keratin Product, actually has Keratin in it, which is what gives you the beauty and bounce that you’re searching for.

It’s the best product on the market for achieving that “natural beauty“ look this summer. And it’s completely reversible, the effects last the entire season, allowing you to enjoy the ease of truly healthier hair without damaging your hair with harsh chemicals and dies.

Five  Reasons to Choose Marlou Colina Keratin Treatment

  • Hassle-Free –even if you sleep on it!
  • Saves Time and Money.
  • Safe and Gentle on Hair.
  • Improves the Health of Your Hair –Immediately!
  • Chemical Safe and Improves Straightened, Bleached or Damaged Hair.

Please call and make an appointment now while space is available.  Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to finish-off your look for an upcoming event or if your hair is frizzy, unhealthy and takes hours to style. Try Keratin!

Salamat and Mahal Kita!

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