Adidas's new line of runners (bottom to top): Motion, Gazelle, Adapt ©All rights reserved

(Relaxnews) – Adidas is releasing a three-shoe “natural running” collection that is meant to help runners gradually work through the transition of conventional running shoes to the most minimalist of trainers.

Of the set, the Motion is the most conventional, with an 8-millimeter heel-to-toe drop (heel height 23 millimeters, forefoot height 15 millimeters). The Gazelle is a bit more minimal and flatter, with a 6-millimeter heel-to-toe drop and heel and forefoot heights of 17 and 11 millimeters, respectively.

For a truer barefoot feel, the Adapt looks to be more of a water sock than an actual shoe. A lightweight shoe of about 4.8 ounces, it has a 4-millimeter heel-to-toe drop, with a heel height of 15 millimeters and forefoot height of 11 millimeters.

The shoes, announced this week, will be available next month, with retail prices of $110 (Motion), $100 (Gazelle) and $90 (Adapt).

Mizuno is stepping out with its first line of barefoot runners — the Wave Levitas and Wave Cursoris — due out next January. Similar to new runners from Altra and Saucony, Mizuno’s Wave Evo collection features a zero-millimeter heel-to-toe offset while still offering a bit of cushioning to soften the blow.

Other barefoot-style runners include the Altra Instinct, New Balance MR00, and Saucony Hattori, and the soon to be released Skechers Go Bionic, Saucony Virrata, and Brooks Pure Drift.