-- Protest streamers are displayed during the march to the Heritage Garden in Olongapo City. (MNS photo)

— Protest streamers are displayed during the march to the Heritage Garden in Olongapo City. (MNS photo)

MANILA, Oct 23 (Mabuhay) – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Thursday said it will submit a letter to the German Embassy and the Bureau of Immigration over the supposed “misbehavior” of German national Marc Sueselbeck, the fiancé of slain transgender woman Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude.

In a press statement, the military said the actuation of Sueselbeck the previous day violated Presidential Decree No. 1227, or the law “Punishing Unlawful Entry into Any Military Base in the Philippines.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Sueselbeck and Laude’s sister Marilou climbed a perimeter fence inside Camp Aguinaldo to get inside the Mutual Defense Board – Security Engagement Board (MDB-SEB) facility, a restricted area, where US Marines Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton was brought earlier in the day.

Pemberton is facing a murder complaint in connection with the Oct. 11 killing of Laude. From a US ship docked in Olongapo City, Pemberton is now being held inside the MDB-SEB facility.

After climbing the fence, Sueselbeck was also seen in news video footage, pushing one of the guards trying to stop him.

“Sueselbeck assaulted a person in authority, the on-duty Filipino soldier guarding the holding facility. He forcefully shoved said soldier after climbing the perimeter fence,” AFP Public Affairs Office chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc said in the statement.

Cabunoc said the assaulted soldier has already undergone medical checkup at the Camp Aguinaldo Station Hospital.

He added that “a detailed narrative report about the intrusion incident” will still be submitted to the German Embassy.

Cabunoc said they will likewise request from the German Embassy, pertinent background information about Sueselbeck.

“It is understood that any foreign nationals who visit the Philippines shall follow Philippine laws. The AFP will deal with the incident accordingly through proper channels,” the statement said.

Sueselbeck says sorry

Meanwhile, Sueselbeck said it was never his intention to disrespect Philippine authorities, adding that he was just desperate to know if Pemberton was really still in the country.

“I had to apologize for [the] disrespectful behaviour. It was never my intent to attack anyone…I even talked to the soldiers and apologized to each of them before we left,” Sueselbeck said.

He said all he and Laude’s family were requesting from the soldiers guarding the area was to show them proof that Pemberton was really inside the MDB-SEB facility.

“I was well-aware that we would not get a chance to see Pemberton…All we were just requesting is proof. We didn’t have a clue if he’s still there. No one from the Philippine authority is talking to us, no one has real proof that he is still in the Philippines,” Sueselbeck said.

Sueselbeck said he tried to talk to Camp Aguinaldo commander Brigadier General Arthur Ang to get a confirmation if Pemberton was really inside the facility, but “even Commander Ang cannot give a confirmation.”

“I said, ‘just show me a picture’ but he (Ang) didn’t bother. That’s then that we decided to climb the fence,” Sueselbeck recounted.

Sueselbeck arrived in the country on Monday to pay his last respects to Laude. Sueselbeck and Laude reportedly met online in 2012.

Sueselbeck said he and Laude were supposed to get married next year. Sueselbeck earlier proposed to Laude in December 2013. (MNS)