Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales (MNS Photo)

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales (MNS Photo)

Aga Muhlach directly denied the speculations to finally end the rumors about his marriage with Charlene Gonzales.

“Thank you for your concern my friend. Really appreciate it. Hayaan na natin sila. We’re all good, no worries,” the actor said.

Gonzales, for his part, chose to remain silent about the issue but her mom, Elvie, denied the rumors.

Not true. Bayaan mo na, basta happy sila,” she said.

Rumors that Aga Charlene has spread online following a blind item detailing the separation of a celebrity couple who already have kids.

In the blind item, the actress allegedly decided to end their relationship after she found out about the actor’s affair with a 20-year-old dancer.

However, the couple agreed to keep their status private and just stay at the same house but sleep in separate bedrooms to protect their family’s endorsements.

Netizens speculated in the comments section that the item was referring to Muhlach and Gonzales.

But on May 28, Muhlach posted a video of Gonzales’ wedding anniversary surprise on his Facebook account.

In the video recorded by Muhlach himself, the actor was seen following a trail of white petals leading to a surprise special breakfast by Gonzales for their 13th wedding anniversary.

“Good morning, guys! I woke up to this,” Muhlach said in the video, referring to his wife’s early morning surprise, “Man, oh man! She always does this to me.”

Muhlach also posted on Instagram a photo of him and Gonzales together at the recently concluded Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards.

Gonzales also posted photos on Instagram, thanking Muhlach for 13 years of married life. (MNS)