Ai Ai delas Alas (MNS photo)

Ai Ai delas Alas (MNS photo)

After her short-lived marriage last year, veteran comedienne Ai Ai delas Alas is in love again with another young man.

In a report published by entertainment site PEP, 20-year-old Gerald Sibayan, a former badminton player from De La Salle University confirmed his relationship with delas Alas, who is turning 50 on November 11.

Without confirming anything, delas Alas has been dropping hints about a new love on her official Instagram account. Just last Sunday, delas Alas posted a photo showing her and her son Sancho with Sibayan.

Last week, the actress also posted a photo of her with Sibayan’s family.

Last month, the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the charges of violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act filed by delas Alas against former husband Jed Salang.

The dismissal came months after delas Alas said she’s no longer interested in pursuing the case.

Last year, delas Alas revealed she was physically abused by Salang, which led to her decision to leave him last May 2, 2013.

Delas Alas and Salang were married in Las Vegas on April 3, 2013. (MNS)