Aiza Seguerra and fiancee Liza Diño (MNS Photo)

Aiza Seguerra and fiancee Liza Diño (MNS Photo)

Singer Aiza Seguerra and fiancee Liza Diño are now seeking the help of science to have their own child.

The couple said they are planning to undergo artificial insemination – a medical alternative for achieving conception.

Seguerra said they are planning to start the procedure next year in the United States.

The couple decided to keep the sperm donor anonymous, while the egg cell will be coming from Seguerra, while Diño will carry the child in her womb.

Initially we were thinking na siguro a friend of ours para siguro kilala namin. Kaso baka maging mas complicated siya in the process,” said Diño when asked why they decided to keep the donor anonymous.

Meanwhile, as their wedding nears, the couple vowed to stay faithful to each other.

More than anything, ang goal namin is to make each other happy. She makes me so happy that I cant even find a reason to stray,” Seguerra said.

For her part, Diño said: “I’ve been in relationships in my life, so ‘yung sa amin ni Aiza, I know I’ve found the one… I know she’s the one. We don’t just complement each other, we’re one. We’re so in sync [that] we finish each others’ sentences, we think about the same things, we share the same stuff together.” (MNS)