Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion (MNS Photo)

Months after he and Anne Curtis became embroiled in a controversy, actor-singer Sam Concepcion proudly shared that his relationship with Anne’s sister, Jasmine, was not affected negatively by the incident.

Concepcion played down the incident as just “a bump in the road.”

“It didn’t affect [us] in any way that’s negative. Of course, in any kind of relationship, there are bumps that you meet along the way. Things like that happen, I guess, and it’s something that you learn to overcome ‘All’s good between Sam Concepcion, sisters Jasmine, Anne.

After a while, ganun din naman. Okay naman ang lahat, wala namang problema,” he said.

Jasmine, for her part, said she is “pretty sure we were good because everything was well talked out.”

“I think, for me, it was easier because I would speak to him and I would speak to her and the stories were aligned. I spoke to him first and when I did, he told me everything already. And then also with her, I didn’t tell her that I had spoken to him yet so I would hear everything really from her only point of view and everything was the same. So I had no problem understanding the both of them and I gave them both my piece of opinion but at the end of the day, it was really up to them to talk it out. I cleared it with them that I really don’t want to get into anyone’s shoes and mess things up even more. I know they can handle it. Especially that they’re both important to me, I don’t want to be making the issue bigger,” she said.

Asked if she acted as the peacemaker, Jasmine said, “No. They were able to sort it out themselves. I’m very happy [that everything is okay].”

Last April, it was reported that Anne allegedly confronted Concepcion about his ties with Jasmine during a party at an upscale bar in Makati City.

Concepcion and Jasmine have been in a relationship for over a year now. (MNS)

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