Almonte clarifies Honasan’s alleged kill plot vs. Marcos family in 1986

The Marcoses in their past “grandeur” when the late dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was starting to rule the Philippines for 20 years.

The Marcoses in their past “grandeur” when the late dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was starting to rule the Philippines for 20 years.

MANILA, Feb 27 (Mabuhay) — Former security adviser Jose Almonte on Friday clarified reports, citing his memoir, that Senator Gringo Honasan planned to kill the Marcos family during the coup attempt in 1986.

“The plan really, to the credit of the group, not just Gringo, the whole group that were in that meeting, the decision was to attack the Palace and in the process, the Marcoses, the family may be killed, which I objected,” Almonte said.

Both Almonte and Honasan were part of Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM), the group that spearheaded the coup.

He said he told the group that when they attack Malacañang, the intention should be to capture the head of the government and his family and not to kill them. He said they should allow the people to decide what to do with the Marcoses.

“Gringo agreed, [but] well we only have a small force, we need a bigger force to capture them. We debated, to their credit they decided to capture, so Gringo had to recruit more troops to capture the family,” Almonte said.

He said the consequence of the Marcos family getting killed in the attack was just “one idea” that floated during the planning and discussion of the attack.

“The difference is this, yung attacking the Palace and the consequence of the family of Marcos getting killed is one idea. The one in the book, the way it was written was to kill the family,” he said.

Almonte made the clarification after Honasan belied a part of the book, “Endless Journey,” which states: “The plan of Gringo was to kill Marcos and his family. He would lead the attacking force. Red would lead the attack outside the Palace, in the park, against the Presidential Security Group.”

The book was launched on February 25, during the 29th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution that toppled the Marcos regime, at the Club Filipino in San Juan.

“That’s a lie and I have cleared that up with Sen. Marcos. You do not have to lie or distort history to sell a book,” Honasan said, referring to Sen. Bongbong Marcos, the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“I wanted to clear the air and move forward. Can you imagine the breach of good faith? We are colleagues in the Senate and at the back of everybody’s minds is a doubt that we wanted to harm the Marcoses,” Honasan added. (MNS)

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