By Ed Rame

Cinderella: .A magical movie

Cinderella: .A magical movie

Cinderella…Take courage and be kind..If you could only believe …and with a little magic…..A magical movie. The very nice story telling were complimented fabulously by the costume and production designs. The characters were beautiful. They had probably conceptualized it to be very near our reality in terms of the looks of you and me; not actors who are the stereotyped royals. Cate Blanchet as the step mom was impeccable. She was not cartoonish but elegantly wicked. Why the Cinderella story never ceases to be a sure winner in the box office is its general appeal. Honestly, everyone has a Cinderella story to share. A lot of us can relate to this of repeated Take Courage and Be Kind teaching that has been so used and misused or abused.

A protected young girl, Ella was advised by her dying mom to always take courage and be kind, Unfortunately these values were to be abused and reduced her to a slave by the very beneficiaries of her kindness. Many of us can definitely relate to this in varied degrees. Inherently our spiritual make has always been molded in the fashion of basic kindness that kind of traps us at times. In the end it is always the good that triumphs over evil and rewarded abundantly.

In essence, Cinderella is biblical as we all seek the truth. Armed with courage and kindness, we journey into the unknowns with paralyzing trials that may try to dissuade us into surrendering our faith easily to delicious expression of anger, pain and fun of pity me party, frustrations and to a state of delusion. In the whirlwind of her experience, I am sure becoming a queen is probably but a dream. Indeed her experiences has so enriched and empowered her and like the struggle of a butterfly from its cocoon in its coming out it had created a beautiful being.

Trials really are processes that may prepare one to be really stronger and be able to look farther and deeper than the truth that seemed to appear before the eyes. Our own experiences of failures, defeats, pains and personal tragedies seem to propose an unequivocal reality but by faith we can believe on the greater scheme of things. Cinderella did not write her story as anyone of us did not have a hand in our own story writing. At some point we thought we knew but we really don’t.

Her life’s own twists and turns so mimic our own story. It is easy to get inspired to take courage on our trials and be kind on our triumphs. For way beyond our eyes are layers and veils of dramas unfolding of which so many details are never seen by our eyes but whose tolls revealed on every human’s weaknesses be it in anger, greed, lies or selfishness. These agonizing traits will clothe the soul and can never be covered even if we are dripping with gold or garbed with the finest lines. Fortunately Cinderella was educated early with the value of courage and the virtue of kindness in a loving atmosphere that it was possible for her to hold and be whole before her story ended to a happily ever after with her newly crowned King husband. Certainly art imitates life.

She looked beyond her subjects’ lives but believed on what they could be. If we can only believe and with a little magic. Yeah life must be with a lot faith.