A Night to Remember awardees: (From left) Adele Raspado, Ernesto Tabayan, Jr., Jovy Camesa, Gregory Onga, Grace Hamidi, Avelina Hall, Virginia Davis, Annette Saunders, Josephine Mejia, Glecy Onga and James Salazar, Jr.

A Night to Remember awardees: (From left) Adele Raspado, Ernesto Tabayan, Jr., Jovy Camesa, Gregory Onga, Grace Hamidi, Avelina Hall, Virginia Davis, Annette Saunders, Josephine Mejia, Glecy Onga and James Salazar, Jr.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, an event dubbed as “An Evening to Remember” will be held at the New Filipino American Community of Los Angeles Hall at 1740 W Temple St., Los Angeles, CA. Highlight of the event will be the awarding of certificates to selected awardees to recognize their exemplary efforts in their chosen fields.. Here is a brief profile of each:

  1. Annette Saunders. Married to a Canadian, Annette enjoys her retirement after working for many years as a nurse at the St. Joseph’s Hospital. Her children are all successful: a ship captain, a nurse stationed in Japan, and a manager of a very large company here in the U.S. Trained and skilled in dress fashion, she relishes her humble contribution to many happy celebrations of debuts and weddings with her gown designs.
  2. Adele Raspado. She traces her roots to Jones, Isabela and Divisoria. She owns the famous Elcano Bakery which continues to serve the public up to this day. All her children are successful entrepreneurs who come to visit her every year here in L.A.
  3. Grace Hamidi. A multi-awarded social worker who recently completed her schooling at the Harvard School of Public Health. She is currently involved in providing water filtering systems to different rural areas in Central and South America. She mentored young social workers in Leichester, England. Today, she is married to a respected Doctor of Physical Therapy and raising 2 daughters in the San Fernando Valley.
  4. Jovita Camesa. Jovy is a banking and finance graduate from the Far Eastern University (FEU). A very humble lady, she considers raising all her children to be professionals in their chosen fields as her greatest accomplishment in life. She is a regular donor to the USO, a non-profit that provides “urgently needed services to valiant Americans” …specially those who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  5. Jaime Salazar, Sr. Jimmy hails from Legaspi City, Albay. An electrical engineering graduate, he has already reached the “four corners of the globe”. In the Ivory Coast, Africa, he encountered Pilipinas in distress, victims of white slavery. He bravely reported their plight to the authorities, leading to the apprehension of the criminals and the safe repatration of the victims.
  6. Avelina Hall. “Madam” Avelina used to teach History in the Philippines. Today, she volunteers her time attending to FilAms who need FACLA’s services. She finances small projects in the Philippines – small cottage industries in the countryside –

usually managed by her children.

  1. Josephine Mejia. A devout Catholic, she regards the tragic events in her life as challenges that serve to strengthen her faith. She believes GOD will take care of her children, one of whom serves in Iraq and Afghanistan. A versatile lady, she works as a nurse in the pediatric department at North Hollywood and St. Joseph hospitals in Burbank, and has experienced dipping her fingers in the construction business as well. She is independent, living by herself in a plush apartment in the heart of the City of L.A.
  2. Glecy Onga. A topnotcher in the Philippine Board of Midwifery, she caused the safe deliveries of more than 300 babies in the Philippines. In the U.S., she worked as a nurse at the medical/surgical department at the Temple Community Hospital. She spends a lot of time with her children, who are all professionals, and grandchildren.
  3. Gregory Onga. An actor in the Nida Blanca/Nestor de Villa show, Greg flew small aircrafts as a non-commercial pilot in the Philippines. In 1978, he , together with wife Glecy, migrated to the U.S. where Greg worked in the Philippine consulate. On the side, he appeared as a monk on the CSI-Las Vegas show. Greg and Glecy recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. AMAZING!!!!
  4.  Ernesto Tabayan, Jr. Junjun specializes in computer engineering. He mentored thousands of students in the Philippines, ushering them into the wonderful world of computer technology. He helps a lot of people celebrate special events in their lives thru his knowledge of photography. He is a very skilled handyman, as well.
  5.  Virginia Flores Davis. A native of Roxas City, Philippines. She is blessed with 5 children. Before coming to America, she raised fighting cocks and sold them to businessmen and politicians. She also worked for the Philippine Airlines. Today, she is dedicated to the cause of helping the elderly. She worked for Apex Homecare Services for over 5 years.

Other awardees will be profiled in the next issue.

Guest of Honor for the event will be the newly elected judge of the L.A. County Superior District Court #97, a “Pinay” – TERESA PINEDA MAGNO.

Organizers are: GLO RESURRECCION, chairman of the board; SUSAN OCA, designer of the event; ADELE RASPADO, treasury gatekeeper; ART FLORES, adviser par excellence; and, ERNIE TABAYAN, rules enforcer.

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