Unleashing the power of feminine talents and experience to make FilAms in L.A. happy…very happy

(From left) Susan Oca, Adele Raspado, Art Flores, Ernie Tabayan and Glo Resurreccion

(From left) Susan Oca, Adele Raspado, Art Flores, Ernie Tabayan and Glo Resurreccion

Glo Resurreccion, the mentor, and Susan Oca, her protégée, came to America in search of the American Dream. Like the pioneers who came before, they left behind families, earthly possessions, and fond memories. Armed only with their God-given talents and a deep faith in the future, they braved the uncertainties of the New World.

Like everyone, they experienced the harsh environment in this land they thought was filled with “milk and honey”. They went from state to state, hopping from one job to another, hoping that someday, they may come to live the American Dream. That Dream has become elusive to them, as it has been to most of us.

Until one day, on May 16, 2014, after pouring their resources and skills to help their friends, Ernie Tabayan and Adele Raspado, host an unforgettable dance event at the Angelus Plaza for seniors – a success by any measure, it dawned on them that using their feminine magic of creativity and resourcefulness, they can “make Fil-Ams in L.A. happy…very happy”. Henceforth, they will now stop searching; they will, instead, start creating the American Dream. Not only for themselves, but also for everyone who share that dream.

This new American Dream discards the old myopic notion that success is to be measured by the accumulation of wealth alone; rather, it adds the subjective dimension of personal happiness. They believe that most of you have past accomplishments that you don’t want to throw away. They believe that despite the financial challenges, you can be happy. They believe that by adding to your happy experiences, you will celebrate your life as a success and not a disappointment because you failed to amass lots of money. And, yes, under this new light, they believe that the best years of your life are not buried in the sands of your past; but, rather, the best years of your life are perfectly sketched in the bright horizons of your future.

And, so, on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, together with their friends Ernie Tabayan, a Philippine representative to the Munich and Los Angeles Olympics in the track and field; Adele Raspado, owner of the famous Elcano Bakery in Divisoria; and Art Flores, a Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii; Glo and Susan promise you –“An Evening To Remember”.

To be held at the new Filipino American Community of Los Angeles Hall along Temple St., parking is provided free to the almost 200 expected attendees inside the compound as well as on the parking spaces of nearby establishments starting at 6pm up to 12pm. Security has been coordinated with building management as well as with local authorities. The place will be properly decorated to create a festive ambience. Restroom attendants have been hired to maintain cleanliness during the event.

Food has been meticulously chosen to whet the appetite of even the most fastidious food connoisseur. It will be served by waiters and waitresses clad in white attire to match the royal elegance of tables covered with black cloths on a gold silhouette accented by fragrant flowers ornately-arranged on top. Freshly-brewed coffee will be made available. And, to top it all, everyone may drink to his/her heart’s content with a choice of merlot, chardonnay, or cabernet sauvignon provided by a licensed bartender.

They intend to fill up the entire 6-hour event with lots of fun and entertainment. They will highlight the virtues of youth, motherhood, retirement, and employment – categories where ordinary Fil-Ams perform extraordinary achievements. They will award individuals who excelled in various categories. As both Glo and Susan are accomplished dancers (former Dance-O-Rama babes who trained under the famous Arthur Murray), they will afford guests ample time to dance the night away to the tune of their favorite songs. Raffle of prizes will be conducted to spice up the evening.

They intend to reach out to everyone. They believe we are but one nation. For once, they hope that we set aside our differences and work together, live together, and enjoy together to make everyone, including our own selves, happy….very happy.