It’s easy to say that Yankees fans are boorish and uncouth, but so are most teams’ fans. However, nobody does boorish and uncouth on national TV like Yankees fans.

During last night’s pregame program, the TBS studio crew was live on the scene in the outfield bleachers. Someone decided this was as good a time as ever to try and throw a beer on Cal Ripken. Who cares if it’s been nearly 10 years since he retired? That asshole broke the Iron Horse’s record!

Tanglefoot forever, Yankees fans. In all likelihood, though, this was yet another complex metaphor for TBS’s coverage of the playoffs.

You know what isn’t a complex metaphor? Flipping off the opposing right fielder after knocking away his glove, resulting in a home run. Like that upstanding young man up there. Whereas most fans will treat a home run catch with a modicum of dignity—and a general air of “aww shucks,” if we’re lucky—this young man knows not what modicum means. He probably thinks it’s a synonym for brass fucking balls.

And so, we come to the finale: Grim LeRogue. Who could forget Grim LeRogue?
Joining the illustrious list of people who run onto baseball fields, LeRogue is the golden mean: half Morganna the Kissing Bandit and half William Ligue Jr. Who hasn’t harbored an unhealthy dislike of a celebrity because they were dating another celebrity—go to hell, Bettany—and who hasn’t acted on this feeling? Normal people, that’s who. Lucky for us, Grim LeRogue isn’t a normal person. Neither was the middle finger guy or the the beer chucker. God, Yankees fans are assholes.

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