Andi Eigenmann (MNS photo)

MANILA, Aug 10 (Mabuhay) — Andi Eigenmann took a trip down memory lane as she recalled being 21 years old and having just given birth to her eldest daughter, Ellie.

On Instagram, Andi shared a black and white photo of herself looking glamorous and carrying a 2-month old Ellie. It was taken by photographer Roy Macam.

“I remember this time like it was just yesterday. Admittedly, wasn’t the best time for me in terms of my mental health, but there were hella good times too, of course,” she began.

A lot has happened since that photo, taken 10 years ago back in 2011. As we all know by now, Andi has relocated to Siargao. She now has three kids. She’s happily engaged. 

In her post, Andi made sure to mention how grateful she was for “everything I went through to get here. Both the good and the bad. The lessons learned and all the blessings.”

Of everything, Andi is most grateful for her firstborn. “The light of my life. It’s been a decade since, and I only hope to be doing you proud as your mother. Miss you my girl!”

Ellie is currently away from Andi, spending time with her dad, Jake Ejercito. In July, Andi already expressed how much she missed her.

In the meantime, Andi has been spending a lot of quality time with Lilo, Koa, and her fiance Philmar Alipayo, out in nature. (MNS)

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