Andi Eigenmann (MNS photo)

Andi Eigenmann (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) -– “I’m willing to fight for our love against all odds.”

This was Andi Eigenmann’s statement referring to what she’s willing to do for the man she loves.

While she did not name any person in particular, Eigenmann has been vocal in her past interviews that she still considers her former boyfriend, Jake Ejercito, as someone special.

“Loving means taking chances and doing your best for the one you love,” said Eigenmann. “I think the man I love deserves nothing but the best.”

Eigenmann and Ejercito broke up in 2012 after the actress’ mother Jaclyn Jose revealed that Ejercito’s parents do not seem to approve of her daughter because she has a child out of wedlock.

Ejercito is the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former movie star Laarni Enriquez.

However, Estrada has repeatedly denied such accusations, saying he never intervenes with his son’s love life. Estrada also said his son is already old enough to know what’s best for him.

While they have been consistent that they are not back together as a couple, both Eigenmann and Ejercito are open that they maintain a good relationship.

Their posts in Instagram even suggest that they welcomed the New Year together.(MNS)