Anjanette Abayari (MNS Photo)

Anjanette Abayari (MNS Photo)

Former “Darna” star Anjanette Abayari clarified some issues involving her former boyfriend, TV personality and triathlete David Bunevacz.

Abayari confirmed that Bunevacz sold her car and Rolex watch, as reported in some entertainment websites. She added that her ex-boyfriend also tried to sell her condominium unit.

’Yung condo, he tried [to sell it]. Meron akong na-receive na fax na power of attorney na gusto niyang i-sign ko ‘yun. Pero ‘di ko na-sign ‘yon,” she said.

The car and Rolex were sold. Pero na-recover ko ‘yung car, ang Tito ko ang nag-recover para sa akin. ‘Yung Rolex, never [ko na-recover] kasi ibinenta daw niya ng 1/5 of the cost,” she added.

Abayari said that since the incident, she has not seen Bunevacz in Los Angeles, where she is also based.

“I think by the grace of God, I have never run into him,” she said in jest. “He’s also in LA. I don’t even know how I would react up to this point [kung magkita kami].”

The former sultry actress went on to recall an awkward moment after she and Bunevacz called it quits.

She said Bunevacz still visited her condo unit even if he is already engaged to another woman.

Noong nawala ako, nandoon pa rin siya sa condo ko, ayaw niyang umalis. Tapos na-engage na siya, sabi ko: ‘Wow, kapal naman. Umalis ka muna sa condo ko.’ Tapos may mga kaibigan akong nagte-text na, ‘oy, nakita ko si ano, pumapasok sa condo mo.’ But I have to let go of that, that’s poisonous if I keep it inside,” she said.

Despite her failed relationship, Abayari said she is still happy with how her life is going, noting the other blessings she has received over the years.

“I know I still have a lot of blessings kasi,” said the actress, who was involved in a drug case in Guam in 1999.

After experiencing all the pain in the past, Abayari said she’s happy being blessed. (MNS)