Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

MANILA, Apr 23 (Mabuhay) -– Actress-host Anne Curtis admitted that she thought her career was over when she made headlines late last year for supposedly slapping fellow Kapamilya talent John Lloyd Cruz at a high-end club.

In a magazine interview, the “Dyesebel” actress confessed that she did not know how she would bounce back from what happened.

“I really thought this is it. I didn’t know how I’d show my face to people. People seemed shocked but there were comments – yes I read all the comments to make it less painful – which said, ‘Eh tao, nagkakamali. At least she’s not denying it or pretending,’” she said.

In December, an online report surfaced detailing a November 23 incident in which Curtis, who was supposedly drunk, slapped three people, including Cruz, at an exclusive club in Taguig.

Curtis, who admitted some of the allegations, emphasized in her apology on Twitter that the parties involved had already settled their differences before the report came out.

Looking back on the episode, Curtis said she would not have bounced back if not for her close friends.

“It was good that I had a great support team behind me. They said, just go to ‘Showtime.’ Don’t hide, you’re just human. I don’t really want to talk about what happened because a day after it happened, we were all okay na,” she told the magazine.

The actress has since referred to the incident as a “lesson learned.”

“This happens, you know, even among friends. People have done worse. Maybe they’ve done the same exact thing. It just hurts that people were so quick to judge without even knowing what happened,” she said.

Being in showbiz for so long, Curtis said she had to learn how to deal with criticisms.

“Half of my life, I’ve been in the public eye. It shouldn’t be so hard for me to adjust, this should be natural. But when you make mistakes, that’s when you realize just how many people look at you and not everyone of them will say good things about you,” she said.

“If I weren’t in the limelight, everything I do would be considered normal. But it’s the price I have to pay for where I am. You just have to learn how to take a deep breath, say ‘Okay’ and move on,” she added.

Curtis said she sometimes looks back at all the things she’s been through to reach where she is today.

“Coming from humble beginnings, you know, wanting just one award, just one endorsement, I still have those moments when I’m alone and realize how far I’ve come and I go, ‘How did this happen?’ I was not an overnight success,” she said. (MNS)