Anne Curtis (MNS photo)

Anne Curtis (MNS photo)

Anne Curtis believes being an actress requires openness to portraying offbeat roles so people shouldn’t be surprised if she plays a gay character one of these days.

“Why not, ‘di ba?” she quips on the matter in an interview, laughing.

Anne made clear though that, if ever, the script should be fresh.

I would be choosy sa script siguro, at kung anong klaseng istorya siya, pero as long as it’s a challenging role – if it adds to my versatility (as an actress) and it’s something that I’ve never ever done before – I’m game. Hindi naman siguro ako maiilang.”

What if she’s paired with her boyfriend’s sister, Solenn Heussaff?

Oh, my God, para namang incest yun!” she exclaims, adding, “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it pero, choosy ka pa ba?”

If anything, Anne worries how local moviegoers would take to her portrayal.

Parang the audience isn’t ready for those kinds of films just yet. I know there will be a lot of people who have something to say about that,” she says.

Ultimately, Anne shares that the most important for her is to be able to do what she loves most: act. (MNS)