Antoinette Taus (MNS Photo)

Antoinette Taus (MNS Photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — She’s known for doing mostly teenybopper roles in the ’90s shows “Ang TV,” “Oki Doki Doc,” “Anna Karenina” and “T.G.I.S.” to name a few.

After living abroad for years in hiatus, 34-year-old Antoinette Taus is back in the limelight as character Betty Rizzo in 9 Works Theatrical’s restaging of the award-winning musical, “Grease.”

Although not new to the stage having appeared in the adaptations of “Les Misérables” and “The Wiz,” Antoinette admits being both nervous and excited taking on her new role.

“I know it’s a role that has to be portrayed properly and I feel like it’s a kind of role that if you pull it off, ‘Yehey!’ But if you don’t, oh my god, it’s gonna be very bad,” she said.

Though far from being a “bad girl,” Antoinette said she can relate to Rizzo in that they’re both “hopeless romantics.”

“Rizzo still actually believes in love pero sobrang jaded siya dahil sobrang dami niya nang pinagdaanan at an early age,” Antoinette explained. “Ako naman, I may not have gone through those kind of things but ang dami ko na ring experiences.”

Based on Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs’ 1971 musical film of the same title, “Grease” is about the lives of some students from fictional Rydel High, among them Rizzo as with young sweethearts Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko, who will have the chance to revive their interrupted summer romance having enrolled in the same school.

Asked what part of her life she would want to have a “rerun,” she said, “Love deserves a rerun. Never give up on love. If something makes you happy, don’t give up on it.”

Unless misconstrued, she added, “I just mean that ang love, kahit ano pang pinagdaaan mo, love (itself) always deserves another chance.”

But not today for Antoinette. Romance is not in her priorities as she opts to focus on re-establishing a foothold in show business.

“Kung darating man ’yung love, kailangan talagang worth it (para) isantabi ko ’yung work.”

Apparently, Antoinette meant to just have a short vacation in the Philippines when she returned some months back. With career opportunities knocking left and right, she’s changed her mind and is here to stay.

““It was really unexpected (the offers) but I’m happy I followed my heart and God’s sign. I feel I’m in the right place right now.”

Dabbling in theatre anew challenges Antoinette.

“Napakahirap ng ginagawa namin pero napakasaya din. Every time I go home, I feel proud and fulfilled. It’s an amazing experience. Sabi ko nga sa kanila, parang everyday na lumilipas nalulungkot na ako na matatapos na ’yung ‘Grease,’ eh hindi pa nga kami nag i-start,” she said.

Director Robbie Guevara promises something different with the restaging, including the choreography, the set design and the cars they will use.

“This will be very, very different from the ‘Grease’ of last year,” he said.

Joining Antoinette in “Grease” are Tippy Dos Santos (Sandy), Guji Lorenzana (Danny Zuko), Steven Silva (Johny Casino), Rafa Seguion-Reyna (Kenickie), among many others. The show will run from Nov. 15 to Dec. 7 at the RCBC Plaza in Makati City. (MNS)