Claudine Barretto (MNS Photo)

Claudine Barretto (MNS Photo)

Are feuding sisters Claudine and Marjorie Barretto on good terms anew?

This was the question among fans of the former actresses after Claudine, on Instagram, shared photos of her and Marjorie’s sons together on Tuesday.

The photos, which appear to have been taken inside the campus of Ateneo de Manila University, show Marjorie’s son Leon holding Claudine’s son Santino on his shoulder as they pose for the camera.

In the photos’ captions, Claudine said, unedited: “With my 2Boys.Leon & Santino… My 2 blue eagles. Leon & Saint.i missed u soo much Leon! … “I luv u so so so happy to see u today Leon.Mama loves u so much!”

Just last week, Claudine also posted a photo of her taping what appears to be a video message for Julia Barretto, another of Marjorie’s four children, for the young actress’ debut on March 10.

The rift between the sisters stems from Marjorie’s supporting the claims of Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s estranged husband, that she is mentally ill and has a history of drug abuse. Claudine and Marjorie’s other siblings, Gretchen and JJ, also attested to Santiago’s sworn statement in his legal feud with the actress.

Over the past decade, Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine – who are the youngest siblings of seven, in order – were estranged at different times due to conflicts within their family.

Notably, Gretchen and Marjorie had a falling out over the former’s reported tiff with her sister’s husband Dennis Padilla in 2004. Claudine and their mother Inday supposedly sided with Marjorie, leaving Gretchen estranged. All four reconciled after three years.

In 2010, Claudine and Gretchen’s earlier feud resurfaced due to issues related to their aborted co-starring stint in a TV series, and what was seen as a competition between them as actresses. The conflict eased a year later, with Claudine releasing a statement on her reconciliation with her older sister.

However, with the latest conflicts involving Santiago, it remains to be seen whether Julia’s debut will manage to reunite the bickering sides of the family. (MNS)