Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Anne Curtis took to social media to defend her younger sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith from netizens criticizing her for allegedly “entertaining other guys” apart from boyfriend Sam Concepcion.

What got Anne’s goat was a harsh remark from a basher directed at her sister, posted on the latter’s Instagram account.

On a recent photo with Sam that Jasmine uploaded, part of the basher’s comment read: “After everything that Sam endured for you? Pinahiya na siya ng ateh mo at lahat lahat… Ba’t makikipag text text ka pa sa ibang lalaki?”

Anne was quick to remind basher that “You know nothing sweety…”

She added, “Such harsh words from someone who doesn’t know her or probably has never met her.”

This whole hullabaloo stemmed from a recent post from showbiz blog site Fashion Pulis, which uploaded an audio clip of a conversation titled, “Does This Sound Like Daniel Padilla Talking About Jasmine Curtis – Smith?”

In the recording, a male voice was talking about receiving a certain message from a girl that seemed to excite him. The supposed giveaway was one of the guys in the recording saying, “Wala na si Patrick, wala nang mangugulo sa’kin, wala na ‘yung tropa ni Sam.”

Daniel and Jasmine are part of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo.” (MNS)