By Renae Punzalan

Be Careful With My Heart” is a Filipino romantic comedy that has been deemed the most popular daytime show for Filipino’s worldwide. Filipino woman and even some men were “Kinikilig” over the shows main character Ser Chief, who is played by Richard Yap. The handsome charismatic actor has gained huge popularity since the show aired and is known for fans to call him “Ser Chief.” On May 10, 2013 the cast was in Downtown Los Angeles for a press conference to promote the show and their concert. The excitement around me from co-workers was enough to get me excited for a show I had no clue about. (The show reminded me of “The Nanny”)

I had the opportunity to ask a question about how they could get someone like me to be interested in watching the show and Ser Chief answered:

“The show has become this successful because of word of mouth, I think it’s because all  the people have been telling their friends about the show that’s why it has become this big, hopefully we can spread the word and hopefully with this press con you’ll be interested in watching our show”

Balita Media Inc. staff got the chance to pose for the photographers as seen below:

Although the pic doesn’t do me any justice I’m squeezed in between Yeng Constantino and Rosario “Tart” Carlos.

I missed the concert that night, I heard it was great. But I had such a great time at the press con and I got the chance to meet Ser Chief and Jodi St. Maria.  They have found a new fan and that counts for everything.

You can watch “Be Careful With My Heart” on your local TFC channel or online at ABS-CBN.