(Relaxnews) – Start the New Year with some fun ways to rev up your beauty regime.

Black Detox Facial- http://youtu.be/r1cytT5aZYw

Screenshot: "Girls Night In - Black Detox Facial (How To)" © 2014 YouTube, LLC

Screenshot: “Girls Night In – Black Detox Facial (How To)”
© 2014 YouTube, LLC

Blogger Rachel starts by using an organic charcoal cleanser before exfoliating her skin with a scrub, but you can also use a glycolic peel. She then uses a facial steamer, with green tea added to the water to open up her pores, before applying a black mask or mud mask for at least 20 minutes. You can then use pore strips over your nose to help cleanse further. Moisturize your skin and give it a bit of pampering with a massage to finish.

DIY Face Mask – http://youtu.be/FAn5lFqUHqg

Tiffany Darlyn has this reviving all-natural honey and lemon face mask, which could be just the thing for holiday exhausted skin. Make sure you pull your hair away from the sticky mixture, then mix the juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of honey. Open up your pores with a hot wash cloth and apply the mask with a brush or with your fingers, but avoid the eye area. Wait 20 minutes before washing off the mask.

Facial Detox Massage – http://youtu.be/dBd1gQeMkC0

Why not try this facial massage technique using a big Chinese spoon? Wengie starts by applying massage oil to your face, although those with acne prone skin should use a gel. She advises you don’t do more than 10 minutes at a time, and remember to keep the pressure firm but not so hard that it hurts. Using a variety of upward strokes and employing different parts of the spoon, Wengie shows you how to give your face a real treat and firm up your skin.