MANILA, Oct 28 (Mabuhay) — The Philippine government’s COVID-19 recovery team has called as ‘unfair’ the Bloomberg report that tagged the country as the “worst place to be” during the pandemic, an official said Thursday.

“In the recovery cluster, we talked about that and we feel that the Bloomberg resilience data is practically unfair to our country,” Interior Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said.

He pointed out that the report did not include all countries.

He said that the Bloomberg report only focused on resilience and not on the countries’ response to the pandemic.

Malaya said that including the factors of universal health care and quality of life in the study is biased toward western countries and unfavorable for developing countries like the Philippines.

Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking indicated that the country gained the lowest overall resilience score, with 40.5.

In June, the country placed 52nd and dropped to 53rd in September, with a resilience score of 40.2.

According to the Bloomberg article that featured the October report,  the Philippines is among the “worst on vaccine coverage” as it recorded nearly 26% of its population were fully inoculated against COVID-19.

Further, it said the Philippines’ score was affected by the  imposed  restrictions on children in malls and other public spaces,  and international travel.

It also noted the Philippines’ “conservative approach” in reopening the economy.

In addition, the Philippines reopened more businesses such as gyms and cinemas but it is still lagging behind Asian neighbors such as Thailand and Indonesia which already allowed entry of tourists.

Saying that the Bloomberg data is not updated, Malaya expressed hope that the developments in the country’s situation will be utilized in the next assessment of Bloomberg. (MNS)

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