Camille Prats (MNS photo)

Camille Prats (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — MANY were surprised when former child star Camille Prats posted a first year anniversary photo of her and new love John Yambao on Instagram last December 2013. But the Kapuso actress said it took her some time before committing to a new relationship.

In an interview with the 28-year-old actress at the press conference of “The Borrowed Wife,” which she top bills opposite Pauleen Luna, TJ Trinidad and Rafael Rosell, Camille shared that John is actually a childhood friend.

The new couple are grade school classmates but drifted off when Yambao moved to the United States and she continued her show biz career.

It was only in December 2012 when they started talking again. That’s 20 years since they’ve last seen each other.

Camille further revealed that she reconnect with Yambao through Facebook and would talk to him through Viber or Skype as the businessman is based in the States.

“A lot of people tell me na may resemblance daw siya ni Anthony (Linsangan, her late husband). Pero when we started talking, hindi kami magkasama and magkalayo kami. He was in the States and we’re only Facebooking and texting,” she said.

“I cannot say na I started liking him physically because of how he look like. I started becoming fond of him because of how he was with me. He was very consistent. I really felt na pinilit niya yung sarili niya, na he really wants to be part of my life,” she added.

According to Camille, just like when she met her late husband, she also did ask for a sign if Yambao is the right person for her.

When pressed on what sign she looked for, the actress replied: “Anything white. White flower, white gift, basta white. I don’t know how, I don’t know when. Just make me feel that it’s the sign, yun lang.”

True to what she asked for, that sign came three weeks since exchanging messages with Yambao on Facebook. She said it was their first time to talk to each other over the telephone.

“Habang nakatayo ako doon sa garden namin, there was a white butterfly circling me the whole time. It was the sign that I asked for. I had a good feeling about this,” she said.

Since that phone call one year ago, Camille shared things are looking great between them. Her boyfriend is currently in Manila to spend time with her but the actress said Yambao is leaving soon to manage his business in the US.

“He’s been here for almost a year kasi we both wanted to see how it’s going to work out. Having met each other and kaming dalawa, hindi rin kasi namin naiisip na we’ll be in this level of relationship now,” she added.

“He decided to stay here for a year para maka-build din kami ng foundation sa relationship but he really needs to go back to the States and figure things out there,” she further said.

Camille said her relationship with Yambao went through a process. And for someone who lost a husband, she’s reluctant to fall in love again but saw in John the qualities she’s looking for in a guy.

“Nakita ko yung sincerity niya, how genuine he was and his intentions are with me. Kung play time lang, wag na ako at iba na lang dahil hindi ko din naman priority ang magka-love life. Masaya naman ako,” she said.

The actress added that her family is very supportive of her new love. Even her son with Anthony, five-year-old Nathan, is good friends with her boyfriend.

“They get along very well and Nathan is very happy with him. He sometimes looks for him and sobrang playmates sila. At first I introduced him as a friend and from then on, nag progress din yung closeness nila.”

When asked if she’s ready to settle down again, Camille said they discuss the possibility of marriage, but it is in the distance future.

“Napag-uusapan, oo. Pero malayo pa. Wag nating madaliin. At this point of my life I’m really happy. I’m overwhelmed by all the blessings that I’m getting.”(MNS)