Catriona Gray (MNS photo)

MANILA, Sept 30 (Mabuhay) — Catriona Gray is excited to finally move into her new home.

The former Miss Universe gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of Casa Gray,  as she looks forward to staying in a space that reflects her personality.

“Just a few colorful glimpses on Casa Gray,” she said, showing some of her new home accents.

“So happy to have a space that reflects me and my creativity to call home,” she added.

In another post, Gray revealed that she has been busy “moving house” as she apologized for not being as active in social media for the past days.

“Sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action) on the feed, guys. I’m currently moving house and it’s my parents’ last week before going back to [Australia]. So lots of packing and quality time before they go,” she explained.

It was in 2021 when Gray announced that she is finally having a place of her own after 10 years of being a “nomad.”

She said she is looking forward to decorating her home with proudly Filipino furniture and other products.

“I’ve rented and moved from place to place. But earlier this year, I finally called a home mine,” the former beauty queen said.

Gray rose to fame in 2018 after winning the Philippines’ fourth Miss Universe crown.

She went on to pursue a career in music and hosting, while using her platform to promote causes close to her heart.(MNS)