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Law Offices of John C. Ye · 3660 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 1040 · Los Angeles, CA 90010 (888) 909 – 0900

Los Angeles, CA – The Law Offices of John Ye is pleased to announce the results of a Charity Drive for victims in the Philippines of Hurricane Yolanda (known as Haiyan in the United States).

After witnessing the devastating aftermath and its effects on the Philippines and its residents, The Law Offices of John Ye, a Los Angeles based personal injury firm, felt compelled to do what it could in order to help the victims of the violent hurricane that struck the Philippine Islands in 2013.

The Law Firm, which has close connections to the Filipino Community, decided to reach out to its clients in an effort to collect funds for ABS-CBN International Foundation a charity run by ABS-CBN the international Philippine programming company. The firm sent a letter to all of its clients asking them to donate what they could towards the charitable efforts, and the firm would match their contribution on a dollar for dollar basis.  “With all of the close work that we do with the Filipino community there was no way we could sit back and not get involved” stated firm Principal John Ye. “Reaching out to our clients and matching their contributions seemed like an excellent way to get as many people as possible involved in helping out the residents of the Philippines”.  The firm obtained hundreds of contributions from their clients, ranging from $ 300.00 to as little as $ 20.00.  “Many of these people are going through hard times, but still felt compelled to give what they could” stated Mr.  Ye. “This is a testament to the good will of our clientele”.

In total the donations added up to approximately $1,000.00. In addition to matching the donations received, the firm will also donate an additional $4,000.00 to increase the total donation to approximately $5,000.00.

The Law Offices of John Ye is a Los Angeles based law firm specializing in Personal Injury cases serving clients all across California. John C. Ye and his associate attorneys bring years of experience, proven skills and reputation for results to an ethnically diverse clientele, serving Injured clients who speak English, Spanish, Korean and Tagalog.

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