Coleen Garcia (MNS photo)

Coleen Garcia (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) -– Coleen Garcia is not bothered by persistent comments on the age difference between her and boyfriend, singer-actor Billy Crawford.

“It has never been an issue,” Garcia, 22, said of her 32-year-old boyfriend.

Garcia said she and Crawford get along really well and it does not matter that she is 10 years younger than her boyfriend.

I’ve never gotten along with anyone as well as I get along with Billy. In every stage of my everyday life, when I’m sad, or when I’m happy, when I’m nervous, we just really get along,” she said.

Garcia even shared that her grandparents, whose relationship is still going strong to this day, also have a huge age gap.

“My lola actually and my lolo, 20 years ‘yung difference nila and they are still together so I really don’t think it has anything to do with age,” she said.

When asked to comment on statements that she was responsible for “changing” Crawford, the “It’s Showtime” co-host said: “I believe it took himself. He did everything on his own. I was there to guide him. I’m so proud of him because he did everything on his own. Super wala siyang bisyo now at all.”

According to Garcia, she also thinks that their relationship is already for the long-term.

“I really feel in my heart also that he is the one. I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have gone through everything that I went through for him if I didn’t really feel like he’s not worth keeping,” she said.

Garcia and Crawford have been a couple for five months now. (MNS)