Marlou Colina on the set with Executive Producer Anna Diaz

Colina Salon has been a regular fixture at the  The Filipino Channel programs .  After a very progressive 2012, Colina Salons stretches its wings   further  this year with more  value for money promotions and a very aggressive communication program by signing a  renewal tie up with the biggest  Filipino TV network in the US- The Filipino Channel.This  March 2013 , Marlou’s Beauty Menu segment will be seen again  in the very popular TFC’s  Adobo Nation TV program. The segment will feature the latest beauty trends,  tips and techniques for  make up cosmetics and hair treatments. Marlou will present interesting  beauty routines and regiments for the people on the go  and how to  keep oneself looking good while keeping a very busy lifestyle.

Marlou Colina, owner of Colina Salon adds” Our Marlou’s Beauty Menu ‘’ in Adobo Nation  is very much widely viewed based on the numerous calls we get from televiewers who follow and do our vignettes of beauty education.Most especially for working people who  have little time to take care of themselves.In this segment , we tell them  and remind them that keeping oneself looking good may not be difficult. There are  easy ways for preserving good looks.”

However, there is more to just beauty secrets to  follow, there are also important and scientific breakthroughs and news about beauty and hair. So Colina Salon keeps its business very much updated and abreast with new and modern trends  for their loyal clients. This year Colina Salon will have a new segment in   TFC’s award winning show Balitang America called “Colina’s Beauty Express”. This time , Marlou Colina will discuss scientific findings on health about beauty and hair products we are using.Important discoveries about the regular used  products and their long term effects on our health will be revealed in this segment .In the same breath, Marlou will give valued advise on how to reverse these effects by using more acceptable products that will be good for our health.

The taping for these segments have already started and  will soon be rolled out late March till the end of the year.So watch out for the Colina Salon’s Beauty Menu at TFC’s Adobo Nation and  the newest Colina’s Beauty Express at TFC’s Balitang America.

Colina Salon has  just opened its third branch at the City of Rancho Cacumonga  at  Island Pacific Supermarket. More value promotions are coming this year  with a big  year opener promo- the Bonanza Savers ,which goes on till February 28, 2013.   Colina Salon offers the following Big Bonanza Savers—Value Package one is a Beauty Treatment Combination of Color and Highlites and Precision Cut  of $119 from $160 Original Price- a savings of $41.00. Value Package two is Color,Powerdose treatment and Precision Cut for $99.00 from original price of  $130.00 , a savings of $31.00 , and the biggest value package is Brazillian, Color Highlites and Precision Cut combination for $259 from original price of $410, a whopping savings of $151.00.For men, Colina salon also provides power value savings of $10 for  men’s cut with scalp massage treatment  priced at $45.00 from original price of $55.00 MC Hair Care Products are given this promo period of 15% Off.

 Colina Salons are located in Rancho Cucamonga at 6753 Carnelian St. Suite 6 Rancho Cucamonga  91701 Tel no (909)944-8596 Long Beach at 3848A Atlantic Ave. Suite 1 Log Beach Ca 90807 ,Tel no (562)9883101and in Los Angeles at 628 N Vermont St Suite 9 Los Angeles,CA 90004 ,Tel no (323)6635311 .You can also log in to