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(Philippine Embassy logo)

The Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C., in cooperation with the Global Filipino for Progress (GFP) and Phil-Am Cultural Society of Augusta (PACSA), is pleased to announce that it will conduct a consular outreach mission in Augusta, Georgia on:

Schedule: 06 July 2013, Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Venue: Augusta Korean American Methodist Church, 2641 Barton Chapel Road, Augusta, GA 30906 

Official Activities:

  • Processing of applications for issuance or renewal of Philippine passport
  • Processing of authentication/acknowledgment of legal documents
  • Processing of applications for Reports of Births and Marriages
  • Administration of oaths to former Filipinos under the Dual Citizenship Law on 06 July 2013 (Saturday) at 2:30 p.m.

Passport Services: Passport applicants are no longer required to bring passport photos since they will have their pictures taken using ePassport data capturing machines at the outreach site. However, they still need to bring other necessary requirements, such as their current passport, photocopy of the passport data page, the passport application form which may be downloaded from the Embassy’s website at http://philippineembassy-usa.org/uploads/pdfs/passport.pdf. Applicants are advised to bring $60.00,  in cash or postal money order payable to the Philippine Embassy, as passport application fee. An additional fee (as administrative fee) may be imposed by the organizer which will be used to pay for the rental of the venue and other miscellaneous expenses. For the applicant’s convenience, a USPS Express Mail envelope with tracking number will be available at the venue for a fee.

The application for Philippine passport is strictly by appointment only. In order to expedite processing, applicants are advised to APPLY FOR AN APPLICATION APPOINTMENT/SLOT by sending an e-mail to the Embassy at  outreachapp@philippinesusa.org. Appointments will be automatically scheduled as they are received. No request for specific time slots will be entertained. Those applicants who are not able to secure confirmed appointments will not be accommodated.


  • Send the e-mail request/application for appointment to the Embassy e-mail address:outreachapp@philippinesusa.org, with the following documents as attachments:
    • Duly accomplished passport application form;
    • Data page (front page) of the old passport.
    • In case of change of name for married women, copy of the Report of Marriage or NSO Marriage Certificate.
  • The foregoing documents must be scanned and saved in PDF file format (Adobe Reader); documents which are scanned using JPEG format will not be accepted;
  • The Embassy will inform applicants by e-mail if the application has been approved.

The final list of all applicants, with the confirmed appointment schedule will be posted at the Embassy’s website www.philippineembassy-usa.org.


  1. Personal appearance is required in all cases (including applicants who are 65 years old and above and minors who are below 18 years old);
  2. The applicant must be in decent attire (no sleeveless and/or collarless attire) and without eyeglasses/colored contact lenses.

Legalization of Documents: Applicants should personally bring their original document to be authenticated/acknowledged, together with their original valid photo ID with signature (e.g. Passport or State ID card), and a photocopy each of the document to be authenticated and the ID card. Fee is US$25.00 in cash or postal money order, per document. Applicants have to secure an appointment before going to the venue by sending an e-mail request/application for appointment at the aforementioned e-mail address.

Documents to be authenticated/acknowledged will not be processed in the venue but will have to be brought to the Embassy in Washington, D.C., for processing and will be sent by mail to the address of the applicant.

Report of Birth: The birth of a Filipino child in the US should be reported/registered with the Philippine National Statistics Office through the Embassy. See http://www.philippinesusa.info/index.php?page=consular-services-dc/faq-dc/#birth for the application form. This is particularly needed if you wish to apply for a Philippine passport for a child born in the US of Filipino parent/s. Fee is $25.00 in cash or postal money order.Applicants have to secure an appointment before going to the venue by sending an e-mail request/application for appointment at the aforementioned e-mail address.

Report of Marriage: Applicants who wish to change their last name from maiden to married name are required to apply for a Report of Marriage (ROM), if their marriage took place in the U.S. The requirements needed to report a marriage between two Filipinos, or a Filipino and a non-Filipino national, solemnized under the jurisdiction of the Embassy, can be found at the Embassy’s website at http://philippineembassy-usa.org/uploads/pdfs/Report%20of%20Marriage.pdf.  Fee is $25.00 in cash or postal money order. Applicants have to secure an appointment before going to the venue by sending an e-mail request/application for appointment at the aforementioned e-mail address.

Dual Citizenship: Applicants may download the application form at the Embassy’s website athttp://philippineembassy-usa.org/uploads/pdfs/Dual%20Citizenship.pdf. The photocopies of supporting documents and photographs (6 pcs.) should be attached in the application form, which should be received by the Embassy after completion on or before 28 June 2013. Fee is US$50.00 in cash or postal money order.

Applicants who have already taken the oath of allegiance at the venue and who wish to apply for a Philippine passport will have to secure prior appointment/slot and comply with the following requirements:

  1. One photocopy each of the Identification Certificate (I.C.) and the Oath of Allegiance;
  2. Original Philippine passport and photocopy of passport’s data page;
  3. If passport is lost, Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO) birth certificate;
  4. For married women, Report of Marriage (if marriage was solemnized abroad) or NSO Marriage Contract (if marriage was solemnized in the Philippines;
  5. One photocopy of a state ID, driver’s license or any other valid photo ID.

Self-addressed stamped envelopes (Express Mail with tracking number) will be available at the venue for the convenience of interested applicants.