Iza Calzado (MNS photo)

MANILA, June 13 (Mabuhay) — Actress Iza Calzado, one of the first local high-profile cases of coronavirus, shared that she has donated blood in the hope of helping other patients recover.

On Instagram, Calzado shared a photo of her holding the bag of blood she had donated at the Philippine General Hospital.

The successful donation came after “failing several tests to be an eligible plasma donor for COVID-19 because of low hemoglobin levels,” she said.

Calzado was cleared to donate last Tuesday.

“I never knew that giving my blood would be such an emotional moment for me. Perhaps it’s because, as a COVID-19 survivor, I truly felt that this was one of the most powerful ways I could help my fellow Filipinos during this time,” she wrote.

“As the doctor played ‘Bayan Ko’ my tears and my blood flowed. It gave me so much hope to think that maybe I could help restore someone’s health and that, through our collective efforts, we can restore our country’s well being and make it better. Love and Light!”

Calzado first announced being afflicted with COVID-19 on March 28, after being hospitalized for pneumonia. Two days later, she confirmed testing negative for the disease. She has since made a full recovery.

Infusions of blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors have been used as treatment for those battling the disease — an approach described as “very valid” by the World Health Organization.

In early April, the Philippine General Hospital issued a call for donations of blood plasma from those who have recovered from COVID-19. The blood plasma contains antibodies against the disease, the hospital said.

Previously, among known celebrity cases, Calzado’s fellow actor Christopher de Leon, as well as Senators Sonny Angara and Migz Zubiri donated plasma after their respective recovery. (MNS)

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