Cristine Reyes (MNS photo)

Cristine Reyes (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — Cristine Reyes is happy with her role in Viva Films’ “The Gifted” because it didn’t require her to bare skin unlike in past outings, including “The Trophy Wife.”

She was vocal in saying that she is not inclined to pursue sexy roles after her last one because she wants to be able to try other portrayals that would help her become a better actress. She even announced that “The Trophy Wife” was to be the last time her male fans will see her bare on the big screen.

In “The Gifted,” co-starring Anne Curtis and Sam Milby, Cristine plays the role of scholar Aica Tabayoyong, a poor and nerdy student with a bad case of acne and is given to wearing thick glasses.

She used to be best friends with another outcast, rich and obese Zoe Tuazon (played by Anne Curtis), until they both fell for the same guy, Mark Ferrer (played by Sam). To win the affection of Mark, both will go to great lengths to change their appearance.

The interesting part about the movie is that both Cristine and Anne allowed themselves to be deglamorized for their respective roles, cooperating fully with film director Chris Martinez’s requirements. Audiences should watch out for the catfights between the two. Playdate is Sept. 3. (MNS)


The Gifted Full trailer: courtesy of Youtube Viva Entertainment