Cristine Reyes & Ara Mina (MNS photo)

Cristine Reyes & Ara Mina (MNS photo)

Cristine Reyes reported that her sister, actress Ara Mina, is doing fine following her miscarriage late last year.

Reyes said the miscarriage occurred a few months ago and her sister has now accepted what happened.

Actually ‘yung news kay ate, matagal na ‘yun. Kung tatanungin mo ako, okay na kami. Tapos na ‘yung napagdaanan ni ate. Okay siya,” Reyes said.

Although Mina became depressed, Reyes said her sister is now “perfectly fine and busy siya sa business.”

“Na-depress siya for a while pero hind naman sobra,” she said. “I think ginagawa naman niya ‘yung kailangan niyang gawin para alagaan ang sarili niya.”

Mina said her miscarriage is something she and her partner, Bulacan, Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses, do not want to remember.

“It was so painful for me and Pat. Something that we just cannot vocally discuss in public, but we both owe the people the truth that’s why I’m making a statement about it,” she said.

Mina, however, is not losing hope that maybe one day, she will be given another chance to have her own child.

“In God’s time maybe another blessing will come in the future, but for now, we are still trying to move on, trying to forget the miscarriage. We hope that people would understand why we kept in private. Thank you,” she said. (MNS)