By Ma. Cristina Arayata

VIRAL VIDEO. A video recently posted by Facebook user Majilyn Alina Valencia shows two boxed items being held by Customs personnel during inspection at the Clark International Airport. Based on her post, Customs personnel refused her to bring these items since these cost over PHP10,000. (Screenshot from Valencia’s Facebook post)

MANILA – The official Facebook page of Clark International Airport (CRK) has temporarily turned off its comments and messaging sections after receiving hate comments, including death threats, following a video gone viral about a Customs incident.

The CRK said the malicious and hate comments were forwarded to relevant government agencies.

A video posted three days ago by Facebook user Majilyn Alina Valencia showed her arguing with a Customs personnel for apparently not allowing her to bring two boxed items she claimed were sent by a relative for another family member.

“Bawal na palang dalhin ang pasalubong ng kamag anak mo para sa pamilya niya, 10,000 pesos lang pala ang allowed natin na dalhin na mga pinamili galing abroad… (I didn’t know we are not allowed to bring our relatives’ gifts for their families. We are only allowed to carry PHP10,000 worth of shopped items from abroad),” Valencia said.

She claimed she was put on hold during inspection and was released when the Customs personnel learned she was taking a video.

She said a Customs personnel told her that one of the items — an iPhone — is worth around PHP100,000, while the allowed limit is set at PHP10,000.

Valencia claimed the iPhone was not new.

A Customs personnel can be heard in the video, saying Valencia was only being put on hold.

During that period, Valencia seemed to be talking on the phone, informing her relatives about the gift items.

Meanwhile, the CRK asked the public to clarify guidelines only with airport authorities. It noted, however, that baggage inspection is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Customs.

The CRK has encouraged passengers to reach out to them at if they feel they were wrongly subjected to inspection or duties.

The Philippine News Agency sought comment from CRK, but no response was received as of writing. (PNA)