Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit popular in Japan, is predicted to have an increasing presence on international gourmet menus in 2012. ©shutterstock/wakabagreen/shutterstock.com Special uses WEB Only

(Relaxnews) – A foodspotting trend-watching group has released a list of buzzwords they believe will be popping up more and more on restaurant menus in 2012, some of which require a culinary — and phonetic — dictionary.

According to international restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in New York, some of the hottest buzzwords and trends that will come out of 2012 include ingredients and foods not usually seen on menus outside of their countries of origin, like bacalao — dried salted cod — and huacatay, a cousin of the marigold sometimes referred to as Peruvian black mint which is used in Peruvian sauces, and yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit.

Buzzwords chosen come from the group’s latest report on the hottest food and beverage trends for 2012, which was released last week. Baum + Whiteman helps develop high-profile restaurants and hotels around the world, including Windows on the World which sat atop the World Trade Center.

Here’s a complete look at all the buzzwords for 2012:

Fresh sardines
Ultra-long dry aging of meat
Uni: sea urchin
Tamarind: A tart fruit from the tamarind tree, used as a spice and souring agent
Ox tail
Duck: Predicted to make a comeback, sans orange marmalade sauce
Hand-made ricotta and burrata, a fresh Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream
Kalbi, bibimbap, bulgogi: All traditional Korean dishes
Bone marrow
Arepas: Flat, round, unleavened patty made with cornmeal or flour
Coconut oil
Goat meat
Shiso: Japanese leaves often eaten with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut into thin strips in salads and other fish dishes as a flavorful herb
Lamb ribs and belly
Bao: Steamed Chinese bun with a variety of different fillings
Nduja: Spicy spreadable sausage from Italy
Green papaya
Nordic cooking
Upscale restaurants in food courts
Better salad bars
Exotic bitters
Crazier taco fillings
Seaweed in non-Asian dishes