Daiana Menezes (MNS Photo)

Daiana Menezes (MNS Photo)

Brazilian model Daiana Menezes admitted she was just seeking attention from her husband, outgoing Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjamin Benaldo, when she posted cryptic messages in various social networking sites recently.

Menezes stressed that she was never a victim of domestic violence as she apologized for the ruckus her posts have created.

“In a way, I was actually seeking [his attention]. He was so busy. Sometimes we don’t really get to see each other. I want to make it clear. Some people think that we want attention from the public, which is something like ‘No, no, no.’

We are just normal,” she said.

She added: “If I made no sense at all, my apologies but I really have my emotions.”

Early last week, the 25-year-old model shared a series of images pertaining to violence against women, including ones showing the words “No to rape,” “Real Men Don’t use Violence,” and “There is no excuse for abuse.”

Another photo on Menezes’ Instagram page showed an arm bleeding from cuts and wounds.

The photos alarmed netizens and even women’s groups and government agencies offered to help the Brazilian beauty.
Menezes’ mother also flew to Manila after seeing the posts.

But in the interview, Benaldo clarified that Menezes just wanted him to listen to her story about “something that had happened.”

“Something happened in the house and I was busy campaigning and I would always tell her that I need sleep. And then she would talk to me about things happening in the house. She thought I wouldn’t believe her so that’s why she put those things,” he said.

Contrary to the public’s interpretation of her posts, Menezes maintained she was never a battered wife.

“Sa kanya, masama ang effect eh. I came from a cover shoot, panay iyak lang ako. All the people would talk to me about Benjo, they would side with me, they would bash him, I would defend him,” she said.

“No. We are just like a normal couple. I regret having brought him into a situation that may allege him [of hurting me],” she added.

While he is portrayed to be the bad guy in this story, Benaldo said he actually didn’t mind because he and Menezes know the truth.

Asked what she learned from this incident, Menezes said: “You have to be careful of what you say because it’s up to the interpretation of whoever’s seeing it especially because they don’t know you very well.”
Benaldo and Menezes were married in December 2012. (MNS)