Derek Ramsay (MNS photo)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) — AFTER doing serious drama both in television and movies, TV5 actor Derek Ramsay will try his hand at fantasy as he takes the lead role in the newest superhero series, “Kidlat,” opposite Ritz Azul.

The actor said the new series is his dream project because he will be working with some of the best in the industry.

Derek revealed that his mother network tapped the costume designer of Hollywood films “X-Men” and “Dare Devil” to help them in creating his body suit.

“The whole process is long and grueling. I had to be covered with slime from head to toe.”

Costume designers worked for five hours just to mold the costume to his body and more works and fittings will be done in the coming days.

“Kidlat” will have a 90-minute movie-like pilot episode, which will eventually turn into a regular evening series.

Derek described his character as “very human” and at the same time, someone who gets the job done. He said “Kidlat” will lead a normal life and will experience problems, challenges and heartaches like a regular being.

“He’s not a superhero who has power or from another planet. He is a regular guy, something happens to him and his mother, which gives him this special talent,” he said.

“The great thing about Kidlat is he’s very endearing. Even though he’s out there fighting crime, he still has to worry about paying a rent or helping his family. Everyone can relate to him,” Derek added.

While preparing for the role, Derek tried to watch as many superhero movies as possible. He said he will try to veer away from the usual superhero idiosyncrasies.

“I really want to separate Kidlat from superheroes like Batman or Iron Man. I will humanize him,” he said.

When asked what the best thing about becoming a superhero, Derek replied: “I get to go around in a cool suit.” (MNS)