Ditch the Frustration! Keys to Better Customer Service

(NewsUSA) – Ever had to wade through scores of automated voice prompts without any way to reach a live customer service representative? Tired of enduring decade-long hold times? Sick of being asked for your account number umpteen times after multiple transfers, only to be accidentally disconnected?

Most of us can relate to these customer service experiences. These experiences frustrate consumers, and vendors lose business as a result. In fact, did you know that on average, 96 percent of customers who’ve had a bad service experience don’t report it, and 91 percent of those unhappy customers don’t come back?

To help ditch these frustrations and the negative consequences that come with them, a new online resource is now available for both consumers and vendors. Created by Interactive Intelligence, a provider of software used in customer service centers around the world, the “Ditch the Frustration!” Web site (www.ditchthefrustration.com) offers a single repository for the best-of-the-best customer service resources. These include white papers, articles, blogs, videos and podcasts all produced by industry experts. The site also enables visitors to submit questions, as well as their own tips to qualify for a monthly prize drawing.

“There’s a lot of customer service advice out there,” said Interactive Intelligence chief marketing officer, Joe Staples. “But it’s tough to sift through it for the really valuable stuff. That’s why we created www.ditchthefrustration.com. Based on our own insight from over 15 years in the customer service software business, as well as expert knowledge from industry analysts, consultants and others, we’ve created a single place for consumers and vendors to easily find the most educational and current guidance available.”

The site offers all sorts of information designed to ditch customer service frustrations. For instance, an effective final effort in getting your customer service problem resolved is to call the company’s headquarters office and ask to speak to head of operations or marketing — and let them know you’re cc’ing their governing body if they have one. Armed with documentation and a calm disposition, you’re likely to find resolution.

Another helpful tip for getting what you want is to have your ideal solution already figured out before you call customer service — and keep it reasonable. For instance, if your newly received couch has a rip in it, perhaps you would prefer a small monetary reimbursement instead of being sent a new couch. (Just don’t ask for a free couch!)

Visit ditchthefrustration.com for more customer service tips.

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