MANILA, Apr 7 (Mabuhay) — Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra has clarified that at least one of the tax cases of the family of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos had been handled by his law firm while he was still in private practice.

“I remember that at one time our law firm represented the Marcoses in a tax case in the early 1990s. It was through Liza Araneta, who worked with us as an associate after returning from New York, that the case was referred to us,” said Guevarra in replying to newsmen’s questions on the issue on Wednesday.

“We handled the case only for a while. When Liza Araneta left our firm, we also stopped representing the Marcoses,” he added.

The law firm, De Borja, Medialdea, Ata, Bello, Guevarra and Serapio Law Office received notices of assessment served upon the Marcoses, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, in particular.

Guevarra said the case was in the early 90s and the supervising partner, Loreta Ata, had since passed several years ago and he presumed the case folders must have been returned to the Marcoses.

“Since we have no personal knowledge as to what happened to the case after we turned it over to the client, we would rather not comment,” he said. (MNS)

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