(DOJ building)

(DOJ building)

MANILA (Mabuhay) – The Department of Justice (DOJ) has summoned billionaire businessman Roberto Ongpin to a preliminary investigation on the alleged abduction and “psychological torture” of a former employee.

In a subpoena issued by Assistant State Prosecutor Juan Pedro Navera, Ongpin, who chairs Alphaland Corporation, was ordered to appear before the DOJ on June 9 at 2 p.m.

Ongpin was likewise ordered to submit his counter-affidavit and those of his witnesses and other supporting documents.

“You are hereby warned that failure on your part to comply with this subpoena shall be considered as a waiver to present your defense in this preliminary investigation and the case shall be considered submitted for resolution based on complainant’s evidence only,” said Navera in the subpoena.

Complainant and former PhilWeb Corporation staff Eduveges Batalan alleged that Ongpin and several others forcibly brought him in February to an island resort in Quezon, where he was forced to admit stealing millions of pesos.

Serious illegal detention is a non-bailable offense.

Batalan alleged that he was brought to the Balesin Island Resort in Polilio, Quezon, where Ongpin confronted him for “stealing millions from [the businessman’s] company.”

“Batalan was informed by Ongpin that the former has been under surveillance for three months and should explain why he has a good house, cars and a pharmacy business,” the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said in its complaint against Ongpin and the others.

The NBI served as Batalan’s co-complainant.

“Batalan was threatened to be stuck in the island unless he tells everything. Further he was also threatened that should he not cooperate, he would be charged similarly as that of Josefino Sasat and Brinia Flojemon, former employees of Ongpin who were charged of stealing and misdemeanor,” the complaint added.

Ongpin’s camp has denied the charges.

“They are false and erroneous. They are nothing but contrived accusations of a disgruntled employee,” Ongpin’s lawyer Rodolfo Ponferrada earlier said in a statement. (MNS)