Drew Arellano and Iya Villania (MNS photo)

Drew Arellano and Iya Villania (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — After nearly a decade together and finally settling into wedded bliss, it seems natural that people would expect Drew Arellano and Iya Villania to start a family right away.

While they are in no hurry to do that, Drew has already had some practice. “When I was growing up, there’s always a kid in the house so sanay na ako to be around kids. And nu’ng lumalaki na kami, nagkaroon din kami ng responsibilidad na alagaan ’yung kids,” he says of his relatives’ children.

Like many newlyweds, the focus for now is building on their relationship as a couple. “I guess (we’ll keep on enjoying the) best of both worlds muna habang wala pa kaming anak,” Drew notes.

“Parang imbes na mainggit ako (sa iba), iniiba ko na lang ’yung pananaw ko. Iniisip ko na lang na kahit wala pa kaming (anak), at least hawak namin ’yung oras namin,” he says.

Drew and Iya find that living together is quite exciting, especially coming from a long-term relationship. “We never had the opportunity to stay under one roof because, ever since naman, the family of Iya is very conservative.”

He describes their current setup as “para kaming nagbabahay-bahayan.”

He’s also discovered new things about his wife, including her being very tidy around the house – like her mother.

For his part, Drew exerts effort in discovering new recipes because he likes cooking different meals for Iya. “We love dating at home,” he says.

Drew puts much stock in honesty as foundation for a strong union.

“Since day one, we talked about it na communication will play a vital role (in our relationship) so, (kung) may tampuhan man or whatever, (it will easily be overcome through) communication and open-mindedness,” he explains.

What’s more, he sees Iya as both lover and best friend. “You know that level of relationship na barkada mo na eh. So ’pag barkada mo, komportable kang sabihin kahit ano, wala kang tinatago.”

As such, Drew knows he’s living his ideal life. “I’m not a very materialistic kind of guy. I just want the comfort (of) being with the love of my life. That’s all the happiness I need,” he says.

Drew and Iya share the same passion for sports and traveling. They are excited about their plans for a cycling tour.
“Because she’s very fit right now and she’s also doing triathlons, so parang we’re looking at cycling destinations,” Drew shares.

All the things Drew has learned growing up, from being with Iya for a long time and now being her husband, could very well be his best preparation for fatherhood. (MNS)