President Rodrigo Duterte (MNS photo)

MANILA, Jan 25 (Mabuhay) — President Rodrigo Duterte said he would spill  the beans on the presidential aspirants in the 2022 elections “in due time.”

In the second part of his pre-recorded Talk to the People that was aired on Tuesday, Duterte said he would bare who among the presidentiables is the “most corrupt” and who he thinks lacks the know-how to become president.

“In due time, I will personally name the candidates, maybe what is wrong with them. Kailangan malaman ng tao [the people need to know] because you are electing a president,” the President said.

“[I will tell you] kung sino iyong pinaka-corrupt na kandidato. Hindi ako namumulitika [I will tell you who is the most corrupt candidate. I am not politicking]. I am talking to you as your president. There are things you must know,” he added.

Duterte — who has yet to endorse a presidential aspirant but whose daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, is running for vice president — said he has personal knowledge on the presidential bets and that it is not his business to lie.

“Kailangan may malaman kayo na alam ko na di niyo alam. Alam ko [You need to know the things I know]. Why? Because I am the President, I get information from everybody, and also personal experience, observation,” he said.

Duterte then referenced somebody who he claims is a drunkard who says insulting things and throws a fit when inebriated.

He also cited another aspirant who he said cannot be president because the person is too corrupt.

“Akala ng mga tao, malinis [pero] ‘yung mga nag transact ng business sa kanya, pati mga Chinese, masyadong corrupt raw,” Duterte said.

Another aspirant, Duterte said, is too inexperienced to be president.

“Meron dito hopelessly, I think, hindi dapat mag-presidente kasi medyo kulang talaga, kulang na kulang,” he said, adding the aspirant doesn’t even seem to know the “fundamentals” of the presidency.

Despite this, Duterte said he would leave to the people the decision to believe him or not.

“Bahala na kayo [it’s up to you] if you still believe me, I will thank you. If you reject it, bahala kayo [it is up to you]. It is your country, it is not only mine,” he said.

Duterte then said that all presidential bets have issues except maybe for one, and that he cannot afford to sit idly in such a situation.

“There is nothing at stake for me,” he said.

Duterte said he has yet to speak about the aspirants in the upcoming elections because it is still “too early.”

“Maraming nagtatanong, bakit hindi ako nagsasalita. Maaga pa eh [Many are asking why I’m not saying anything. It’s still too early],” he said. (MNS)

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