Erwan Heussaff  and Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

The boyfriend of Anne Curtis addressed speculations that he may be getting jealous of the actress’ fame.

Food blogger Erwan Heussaff said it is okay with him if he is not as popular as Curtis, who is one of the country’s biggest stars.

He said it helps a lot that they are not in the same industry.

“It’s fine. You know, we are in a very great relationship. It doesn’t affect me because we are not in the same industry,” he explained.

“No [I’m not jealous]. I think there’s two sides. I think I’m more proud than jealous. I’m proud that she’s so successful in what she does, and I’m proud of her,” added Heussaff, brother of Curtis’ close friend, model Solenn Heussaff.

Asked if he sometimes gets affected by Curtis’ sexy scenes on television and film, Heussaff said: “I met her as an actress and I knew it’s part of the job, and that’s okay with me. Of course, there’s a tinge of jealousy – I mean, not jealousy, but just being uncomfortable when I see her kissing someone else on the screen.”

But he was quick to add: “But it’s never an issue. It’s more of, ‘okay, it’s part of the job.’”

Heussaff went on to share that he and Curtis “hit it off right away,” adding that he is very much happy with how their relationship is going.

“We’re pretty good. We don’t fight much,” he said. (MNS)