Lynda A. N. Reyes

Lynda A. N. Reyes

LA based artist Lynda A. N. Reyes is currently showing her oil painting titled “Aiming High….” at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) at Barnsdall Park on Hollywood Boulevard until September 20, 2015.

A much anticipated event, the 2015 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition is a biennial exhibition intended to capture the creative spirit of Los Angeles.

The panel of experts, that juried the show are art critic and curator Peter Frank, art professor & internationally-renowned artist, Fatemeh Burnes and Tomas Benitez, former executive director of Self-Help Graphics.

Over 850 works of art done by artists from all over Southern California were received and over 80 talented Southern California-based artists were chosen for the show. The exhibit features a variety of media that includes video art, sculpture, photography, printmaking, painting, digital arts and installations.

Lynda’s featured painting “Aiming High…” was meant to be a metaphor. She tells her viewers “Aim high. There are more seats to occupy. Soar and explore. You will eventually find that special seat in life that only you should occupy. Move on. Aim higher.” Lynda’s paintings are highly representational and yet they invite the viewers to ponder. Her paintings speak to all who see it.

She says, “The subjects of my paintings ‘reach’ out of the 2- dimensional plane to make contact with the viewers. I aspire to create representational imagery that triggers a lasting smile, a longing to look and find a positive view of our world and of the people living in it. Through my art, I want to interact with my viewers and to share with them what I have experienced. When the viewers participate, only then can I say my painting is done! I believe that the appreciation of art is a very personal response to creative work and that as an artist I strive to engender this response in my viewers. My hands, mind and heart all work in unison to spark the awe the viewers experience in their initial encounter with any of my artworks.”

She paints portraits, landscapes and inanimate objects in both watercolor and oil. Lynda is a professional artist and maintains her studio and gallery in Glendale, California. The pursuit of fine arts has been Lynda’s life-long aspiration.

She is also an art historian, an author and educator. She has participated in five museum exhibits since 2012. Her paintings have been featured in different national and international shows in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Montana, Kentucky, Maryland, Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, California (San Francisco, Berkeley, Salinas, Brea in Orange County, Monrovia, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Glendale) and in Canada. Just recently, another oil painting titled “Peace in An American Beach” was exhibited at the Schomberg Gallery at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

LAMAG, the City’s flagship gallery and the country’s last remaining municipal art gallery managed by the Department of Cultural Affairs is a 10,000 square foot gallery that has been central to the growth of Los Angeles as an international art capital. Since its founding in 1954, LAMAG has showcased the works of emerging, mid-career, and established artists from the region, the country, and the world. It has presented group shows that tap into contemporary art movements, issues, and ideas relevant to LA’s diverse cultural communities. For more information, please visit:,, or email