By Antoinette Bueno

Balita Media News Service

Though she had a rocky performance on last Wednesday night’s show, Filipina “American Idol” finalist Thia Megia advanced to the latest round Thursday night, cementing her a spot in the top 12.

Ashthon Jones, who sang Diana Ross’s “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”, was the latest to be cut from the hit reality singing competition.

Megia, who sang Michael Jackson’s version of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile”, went for a jazz arrangement for the latter part of the song, a risky move that didn’t quite pay off.  The judges remarked that she was “pitchy” at times, clearly upsetting the 15-year-old who was then seen crying backstage and pleading for viewers to “keep her dream alive.”

Clearly it worked, as Megia wasn’t even in the bottom three.

Watch Thia Megia perform “Smile” below.