By Ramel Tumaneng

In early summer of 2011 a group of dedicated tennis players decided to turn their passion into an Association. And Filipino – American Tennis Association of Southern California was born….

Our plan was to establish strong camaraderie and friendship between and among players in tennis courts and beyond. But, along the way, we learn the way we thought something much more valuable in a game. And we built something more far enduring than Invitational, tournaments and dual meets.

So now, after the Fil-Am Invitational, we come to realize that what we thought a success story is always been and always will be a Fil- Am Tennis Association story.

The Joy is because, we witnessed something that most tennis clubs would not ever attempted. More than 100 Players from all over Southern California, showed and played against our visitors from Las Vegas headed by former national player Bing Herbano and Dr. Omar Cabahug. Former Davies cupper Alex Marcial , Oyie and Ivan were played. The legendary Jun Achocoso was also spotted. More than 20 Tennis Clubs were represented: Walnut; Moreno; Echo Park; Chase; Siato; Glassel; Sunland and of course Yosemite; Eagle Vista; Via Marisol; Scholl Canyon Clubs etc….

From the 15 members of the Board of Trustees and the Chairman of the Board and National President Ramel Tumaneng, Atty. Joe Sayas Adviser, Dr. Nollie Cristobal Director for Special Events;  Dr. Rey Zapata member of the Board of Trustees; Ben Dasalla member of the Board of Trustees; Bong Tababa National coordinator; Lito Costales member of the board of Trustees; Wilson Martinez Member of the Board Of Trustees; Irwin Lamanero Member of the Board of Trustees; Rollie Melencio member of the Board of Trustees; Gil Gutierrezmember of the Board of Trustees, Sil Jarasa member of the Board of Trustees and chief Financial Officer; Ely Zapata member of board of Trustees, Ronald Legaspi Board Secretary; Edgar Abad member of the board of Trustees, Arnie Abad; Ching Mendoza; Boy Paguio as sponsors:to the 179 members who shared their passion of our organization. Thank you!





List of Player in the Group pictures:

3rd Row from left:

Robin Fisbek; Melvin Aden brook Fil-Am Via Marisol Chapter President; Alex De Galarza; Jun Soledad Fil-Am Yosemite-Chapter President ; Rudy Haft; Ronald Legaspi.

Middle row from left:

Manny Aradaza, Ivan Tumaneng, Dr. Omar Cabahug, Hansel Vega Jr., Ariel Vega, Al Green, Manny Baker, Christopher “Oyie” Echo, Hansel Vega III.,Hector Munguia, Nick Vega, Nick Lymberios, Bing Herbano, Robin Nerisa,., Wilson Fong, Eric Pabia, Allan Marisol, Steve Cornejo, Nelson Marquez, Ramon”RJ” Jacinto, Bong Tababa, Caloy Echo, Manny Palma. Donny Escueta, Rogelio Evangelista, Nick De Castro, Edgar Chase, Rick Batanga, Dr. Reynaldo Zapata, Gilbert Cruz, Bob Urbano, Romy Pineda.

Sitting From Left:

Dante Jaworski, Ramon DeVera, Rose De La Vega, Rene Laureta, Henry Panlilio, Romeo Neri, Erick Dela Vega, Ramel Tumaneng Fil-Am Tennis Chairman of the Board of Trustees and National President, Ben Dasalla, Dina Asuncion, Ricardo “Dodong” Librando, Manny Paguio, Ely Zapata Fil-Am Scholl Canyon Chapter President, Christopher “Titong” San Juan, Vic Sevilla, Manny De Vera, Ricthie Chase, Dr. Nolasco Cristobal Director for Special event, Juan Vista, Romy Gerolaga, Tom Gate.