(File photo by Anadolu)

MANILA – All 23 Filipino crew aboard an oil tanker reportedly attacked by Houthi rebels off Yemen’s Red Sea coast Saturday are safe and unharmed, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) reported on Sunday.

There were likewise no reports of casualties, according to a statement posted on X by the United States Central Command (US Centcom).

“The DMW is closely coordinating with international maritime authorities, shipping companies, and local manning agencies on the status of ships with Filipino seafarers traversing high risk areas and war-like zones in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden,” the DMW statement read.

The Centcom said at approximately 1 a.m. (local time) on May 18, “Iranian-backed Houthis launched one anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) into the Red Sea and struck M/T Wind, a Panamanian-flagged, Greek owned and operated oil tanker.”

M/T Wind came from Russia where it loaded oil and was bound for China.

“The impact of the ASBM caused flooding which resulted in the loss of propulsion and steering. A coalition vessel immediately responded to the distress call by M/T Wind, but no assistance was needed. The crew of M/T Wind was able to restore propulsion and steering, and no casualties were reported. M/T Wind resumed its course under its own power,” the Centcom said.

The Centcom is one of 11 unified combatant commands of the US Defense department, with responsibility over the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of South Asia.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations said the vessel and crew are safe and continuing to the next port of call, as reported by Greek news website

“This continued malign and reckless behavior by the Iranian-backed Houthis threatens regional stability and endangers the lives of mariners across the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden,” the Centcom said. (PNA)