Man doing pushups in sand. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

When it comes to living a high-adrenaline, active lifestyle, many people often find it difficult to know where to start. But the truth is sticking to a workout regimen can help build endurance, muscle and confidence to take on fitness challenges and embark on active adventures.

Dave Kalama, big wave surfer and pioneer of the modern sport of stand-up paddle surfing, knows a thing or two about pushing yourself mentally and physically. “I don’t think a workout that becomes a nagging chore, or some kind of gut-buster, is going to change your life,” says Kalama.

With this in mind, Kalama began developing his signature workout regimen. “I started out with one simple thought: A workout you quit won’t do you much good.” So Kalama designed and perfected a workout he would never abandon.

Kalama’s interest in helping others find adventure and push themselves physically and emotionally also led to his involvement in a new TV and online reality series titled “Clean BreakTM Presented by Schick Hydro®,” which provides three average men the opportunity to explore a lifestyle of freedom and adventure in some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and remote location

“These guys will be pushing themselves to test their physical and emotional limits,” says Kalama. “Whether they’re tandem surfing, underwater rock running, zip-lining or diving with sharks, they’ll discover a side of themselves they didn’t know they had, learning how to truly break free while doing it.” The series airs beginning June 13, 2012 with six episodes on FUEL TV, as well as exclusive webisodes on Yahoo! Screen.

Work Out Like a Surf Legend

While designed with the beach in mind, you can take Dave Kalama’s workout routine to the park, gymnasium or even your backyard. “Try to jog about 50 to 100 yards in between each round of exercise,” says Kalama.

  1. Stretch. Start your workout with some light stretching for 10 minutes. Remember that your muscles aren’t yet warm, so you don’t want to push yourself too far.
  2. Run. Warm up your muscles with a 20 to 30 minute run. If there’s a beach nearby, run barefoot. This strengthens the toes, soles of the feet, ankles, calves and shin muscles and has added cardio benefits. If you aren’t near the beach, run in your local park or gym. Adding intervals of sprinting will enhance this part of the workout.

Pull-ups. If you’re outdoors, use a sturdy tree limb for this workout, and make sure you have someone there to spot you. Pull-ups increase strength in the shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms and hands.

  1. Crunches. The best part about crunches – you can do them anytime, anywhere. But wherever you decide to do crunches, make sure you continue to do them until “failure” or absolute fatigue sets in, in order to get the full benefit. Crunches provide abdominal and oblique strength.
  2. Lunges. Do at least four sets of 25 lunges, alternating your legs. Pay attention to your form, and remember to stay in control while you lunge and as you straighten to a standing position. This will help increase leg and gluteal muscle strength.
  3. Cycling. Whether you’re working out at the beach, the park or the gym, cycle to and from your workout location when possible. This will help increase cardio and warm-up, as well as warm-down your muscles.

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