Tired of your usual workout routine? Why not try aqua cycling? ©AMA/Shutterstock.com

Tired of your usual workout routine? Why not try aqua cycling?

(Relaxnews) – If you’re bored with gym equipment or jogging around your neighborhood, check out what new fitness classes are being offered in London and New York.


Hailed as the “new Zumba,” Fierce combines dance moves with African beats. Enjoy performing mock “bongo drum” moves and high kicks and otherwise shaking your thang. There are also toning moves such as squats, and even freestyle sections.

Aqua cycling

Swimming + spinning = aqua cycling. Cycle and pool workouts are fantastic forms of exercise individually, so putting them together undoubtedly creates one hardcore experience. Placing bikes in the pool creates a resistance-based workout that’s also less harsh on joints. While aqua biking has been growing in popularity for some time now, newer options include Aqua in New York City and — for those who want to skip the class environment and do a private session instead — Hydrofit in the UK. Beauty site Daily Makeover also recommend creating your own version by alternating spinning sessions with “water jogging.”


A new take on circuit training, Speedlex is available in London as well as assorted US cities. Small groups train for about 45 minutes, combining 30-second bursts on “specialized” fitness machines with cardio training, such as burpees and step-ups. Since machines “respond to force” without adding any weights, you won’t feel sore after a workout!


A unique combo of yoga and Thai boxing, Kicksana in London involves plenty of uppercuts, Warrior poses and hooks. The yoga poses are designed to provide breaks from intense boxing moves while still working and stretching the same muscles.

Body by Frame

If you like Bikram (hot) yoga, you’ll probably enjoy Body by Frame, just launched in London. While the room doesn’t get quite as hot as a Bikram studio, you’re still guaranteed to sweat while performing various cardio moves and stretches. Class options include ‘Bend it Like Barbie,’ ‘Jane Fonda Tribute’ and ‘Rebounding,’ the latter of which is an aerobic workout on exercise trampolines.